Rebalance, Revitalise, Rehabilitate.

PinPoint Veterinary Care is an integrative veterinary centre based in Cranborne, on the border of North Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. The clinic is based in a beautiful old Cob Barn and focuses on combining traditional acupuncture, Chinese herbs, laser therapy and canine physical rehabilitation (including manual therapies and therapeutic exercises) to allow your pet to live their best life. These treatments can be used alongside your pets treatment modalities from their regular vet, to facilitate a truly integrative approach to healthcare.

We aim to pinpoint the problem, and provide a solution, enabling your animal to return to the highest level of function that they are able to achieve, and the best quality of life.

PinPoint Veterinary Care works on a referral basis from your first opinion vet. This enables us to work together with them and in conjunction with you, the owner, so that as a team the can provide the best outcome for your pet.

Book online!

We are now able to take bookings online for appointments at the Cob Barn.

If you are a new client, please be aware that between you booking an appointment and the appointment itself, we need to contact your normal vet to inform them that we are seeing you - this is a professional courtesy as well as ensuring that we are able to stick to our desire to work WITH your vets - we aim to work as an extension of their team. Given that this contact can take a little time, please book at least 48hours in advance. Alternatively, why not speak to your vet first, get the referral form (found here) completed and a history sent over to us via email, and then book the appointment.

If you are a returning customer, book away!