Welcome to PinPoint and welcome to this new website! The idea of PinPoint Vet Care has been developing for a couple of years, finally it’s coming to fruition and we are about to start taking appointments to see pets that need our skills. The business cards are about to be ordered, I’ve learnt to design a website (do you like it? Any suggestions on how to improve it? All comments will be greatly received), and today I ordered the Cube 4 K LASER! Exciting times for us here at PinPoint HQ.

We are currently offering an ambulatory service, - i.e. appointments take place at your home. This is really nice for your pets as they are relaxed in their home surroundings. It’s especially nice for the older patients or post operative patients who really don’t want to be put into the car to go to the vets.

Our longer-term plan is to look to take on premises as the business grows. At this point we will get a hydrotherapy treadmill to expand the services that we can offer. "But why no hydrotherapy now?” I hear you cry! Well, hydrotherapy is a terrific modality to use in rehabilitation- that’s why we want to utilise it once we have premises - but we can do an awful lot without one, and as most clients don’t have a treadmill at home it’s a bit tricky to get them to do ‘homework’ outside of our sessions if we are just relying on the treadmill. 

So! How do you make an appointment? Well it’s very straightforward, speak to your vets so that we can get a referral from them and then give us a call or drop us an email. We can then send a form to your vets to get your pets clinical history and details. Then we can book the appointment and start PinPointing the solution to their needs!

Speaking of needs, I noticed the other day that my dog, Oscar, was scratching at his side -he’s irritated by one patch of skin, for which I can see no underlying cause. So, ever the one to reach for my needles, I gave him an acupuncture session to try and help him out. The pictures show him happily settled with his acupuncture needles in place.

Have a Happy Thursday all!