Davey Dog

Sometimes you hear the sad news that you never wanted to get - that one of your furry friends has had to head to the fields in the sky. I got that news last week. I first met Davey Dog many years ago - on an operating table! After he scared me witless but not playing ball with the GA, he finally settled and we did what we needed to do. Shortly after his 'mum', Sarah, came to work as a receptionist at the practice I worked at. So I got to see lots of Davey Dog, and hear all about his idiosyncrasies! Davey Dog was involved in a car accident shortly before I did first acupuncture course, and so after his major hip surgery he became one of my first acupuncture patients. Sarah was somewhat sceptical (as many of us were - me included!-  when we first come across veterinary acupuncture) but was a convert after she saw that Davey benefited from it.

I haven’t seen much of Davey for the past two years as I moved away from his home area. I still saw him cropping up in my Facebook timeline -playing on the beaches in France amongst other activities! But I saw him towards the end of last year when I had afternoon tea with Sarah in Salisbury. He was an old lad but still happy.

Sarah let me know early last week that she’d had to say goodbye to Davey. She is heartbroken. I have to be honest I had moist eyes when I heard the news, partly because I was so sad for Sarah, as well as knowing that I wouldn’t get to see Davey again, but also because it reminded me of the times that I have lost pets. The worst thing about our pets is that they simply don’t live long enough - I have visions of moving around on my zimmer frame when I’m older with Oscar by my side, yet I know that this is unrealistic. 

Whilst talking to Sarah today, she was telling me some of the ways that she is coping without Davey, and is wanted to know if what she was doing was normal. After seeing people’s grief at the loss of their pets for nearly 11 years now, I can safely say that there is no normal or abnormal - everyone copes in different ways. My feeling is do what gives you comfort, be patient with yourself and kind to yourself. It does get easier, but it can take a long time. 

It would be wrong to end this post on a sad note - Davey brought much joy into people’s lives. Sarah has kindly sent me a joyous picture of Davey, which I hope will make you smile as much as it makes me smile. I'm sure that Davey is bouncing from cloud to cloud in the fields in the sky, ears a flapping in his gung ho, slightly kooky kind of way.